Press Kit

The below images and descriptions are available to be used in the promotion of our game. Please feel free to use this information if you decide to promote our game!

Wayward Amnis – Created by Flora Barratt, Jacob Hammond, and Molly Aldridge

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Short Description: Wayward Amnis is a game about reliance and forming groups, an exploration game in which you form a swarm of friendly animals to protect yourself from predators and ascend through the biomes of a long lost earth.

Alternate Short Description: Wayward Amnis is a short game about collectivism, told through the lens of swarming animals. Build shoals of fish, flocks of birds, and herds of goats in order to protect yourself and your animal friends from predators, and to overcome obstacles.

Long Description: A game about forming groups. In a media landscape dominated by individualistic presentations of the singular hero overcoming all evil, Wayward Amnis uses swarming animals to instead explore themes of collectivism and reliance. Playing a research robot, you are tasked with transporting a message from the depths of the ocean to the peak of a mountain. Set on an abandoned, post-climate collapse, future earth, traverse three distinct biomes as you ascend and interact with a variety of wildlife. Players build shoals of fish, flocks of birds, or herds of goats, and use them to surpass obstacles, evade predators, and achieve their goals in this 2.5D exploration adventure game.